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Collagen Drinks - Can They Make My Skin Beautiful?

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You’ve probably heard by now that the naturally produced protein, called collagen, is a real boon for maintaining the youthful look and skin vitality associated with youth. Which is why men and women have hit the market hard to find fast and easy ways to fulfill their collagen needs.

The Solution? Collagen Drinks.

Now, you might be wondering, do collagen drinks work?   Well, the answer is yes.  Fact is a single collagen drink benefits the entire body, especially the skin.

And drinking collagen has never been easier.  Today you can find pre made drinks with collagen in virtually any grocery store, drug store or gas station.  You can also find them on line and have them shipped  direct to your door.  Or, you can make them up to suit yourself with premiere collagen powder.

And if you are wondering how to drink collagen powder, it's so easy.  Simply combine the collagen drink mix  with your liquid of choice (water, coffee, moo milk, nut milks) and whatever your taste buds desires to make drinking your collagen more enjoyable.  Including lavender, cocoa, cinnamon and even chia seeds. 

But, can drinking collagen powder really work to make my skin beautiful on the outside, for the people who drink it? 

If you listen to the buzz in the skin care community, it does just that.

At least, when it comes to skin’s appearance. The Daily Mail reports that collagen drinks “improve hydration, skin elasticity, and wrinkling.”

Below is a collagen drink before and after which shows undeniable proof, collagen drinks work and enhance the skin appearance.  In this case, it took only 4 weeks to achieve skin whitening plus firmer tighter skin, lifted cheeks, check out the lifted eyebrows, nasolabial folds (corner of nose to outer corner of mouth - see the blue arrows on the picture) are filled in and much less apparent, sunspots less visible, and redness diminished. 

Unretouched photo:  Results may vary.  4 weeks after drinking 1 serving TripleK Collagen Powder (a collagen supplement), mixed with water to make a collagen drink,  2x day.    BUY NOW

Collagen Drink Benefits

The benefits you receive from collagen drinks go beyond the youthful look as the collagen protein in the drink delivers collagen boosting amino acids direct to the body that benefit hair, bones, joints, weight loss and more.   We will talk more about this later in this article, but for now, lets stick with how collagen drinks benefits the skin. 


Let's Begin With Collagen Science for the Skin.

Collagen is associated with helping to maintain strength and elasticity in the skin that shuns wrinkles and provides a more filled-out face. WebMD describes collagen as the “support structure that gives our skin a firm, young appearance.” Unfortunately, your body quits producing this protein as you age. Your skin loses the firm suppleness of youth because of this loss of collagen.

‚ÄčHow much of an impact can collagen offer?   Lots.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of women aged 35 to 55 years revealed that oral supplementation of specific collagen peptides had beneficial side effects on their skin. In particular, after four weeks, the women showed statistically significant higher skin elasticity levels than prior to using the supplements,

In another study, quoted by Elle, it was noted that participants’ levels of pro-collagen I (a precursor to collagen) were up 65 percent while drinking the collagen supplements.

Better yet, the women involved in the study reported elevated levels of moisture and elasticity for four weeks after they were no longer consuming their collagen protein..

Does Drinking Collagen Work?  

Yes. As soon as you drink your collagen drink, the collagen protein gets digested and then goes to work delivering peptides and amino acids your body wants and needs to make more collagen. 

Here's the but.  I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  It is not the drink per say that is working.  It is the collagen powder, containing the collagen protein, that is put in the formulation that makes the collagen drink work.  

When it comes to your skin, meaning, seeing changes in your skin, you won't see the results immediately.  But most everyone sees results in as little as 4 weeks.   Results do vary.

See for yourself the visible benefits of drinking collagen below. 

The results?   Face looks fuller, skin redness greatly diminished, skin looks clearer and  brighter, oily skin looks greatly diminished, skin lifted and firmer, nasolabial folds (corner of nose to outside corner of mouth) filled in.

Untouched photo. 4 weeks after making and then drinking a collagen drink supplement by mixing 1 serving TripleK, a dietary collagen supplement,  mixed with coffee,  as a drink,  2x day.  Results may vary.  BUY NOW

I would like you to look at another before and after photo from the same Triple K collagen drink trial, only this time,  you are looking at the benefits after 8 weeks. 

The results? Plumper skin, fuller lips, redness in face so much better, her skin looks brighter, even whiter, with longer lashes, lifted cheeks, corner of nose to outer mouth deep lines less apparent.  


Untouched photo. Results will vary.  8 weeks after making a collagen drink, by mixing hot water with 1 serving TripleK Collagen Powder,  and then drinking it  2x day.  Results may vary.  BUY NOW

Don't you think she has got that glow going on?


Collagen Drinks vs Collagen Creams & Injections

Now, there are other ways, besides drinking it, that you can get your collagen such as topical applications and injections, albeit both past high contenders. I say “past” because there are drawbacks of topical applications and collagen injections.

Topical applications of collagen face creams have been on the market for years. However, a collagen molecule is simply too large and cannot penetrate the surface of the skin sufficiently to provide the anti-aging results necessary for “fountain of youth” claims collagen drinks can make.  

And let’s face it, the collagen in creams don’t work as well as the collagen your body produces for fighting wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Collagen peptide creams are new to the market and one to watch out for.  The peptide creams delivers a smaller, broken-down version of collagen - collagen peptide - that your body can skin can readily absorb and put into action, allowing you to look younger.  Olay collagen peptide 24 cream is found at drugstores and a good entry point in the peptide market. 

As for collagen injections, real collagen fillers are out,  however many women have turned to needles as they deliver synthetic (and natural)  filling agents deep beneath the skin’s surface

For the most part, the results for fillers are stunning with fuller lips and cheeks, but the injections are expensive, mildly invasive, and must be repeated frequently to maintain the results. This is precisely why so many women (and men) are making the switch to collagen drinks. They help to repair and restore you from the inside out.

Collagen Drinks vs Liquid Collagen

Both are liquid and In both cases you are drinking collagen. 

Liquid collagen is easy to take but kind of has a slippery mouthfeel and fake taste to it.  I personally have never found liquid collagen out of a bottle very palatable (I used to drink it for weight loss as a kid) which is why I prefer making my own collagen drink made with either pure collagen powder, or a collagen powder drink mix -  meaning already blended with a few flavor enhancements.   This way, I am in control of the liquid I use to turn the powder into a drink.  And I control the flavor.   

If you would like to try a pre-made liquid collagen for skin beauty, in the form of a shot, or by the bottle, you can.  One I recommend is Taut Collagen  It is expensive, they taste better than most liquid collagens and  have clinicals to back up their claims. 

If you would like to try a collagen powder drink mix, I recommend TripleK Collagen Restore, a collagen dietary  supplement,  made with grass fed, pasture raised collagen, cocoa, organic fair trade cinnamon.  Plus hormone free, cholesterol free and can be eaten as food or made into a collagen drink. 

Check out the skin tightening and skin whitening, all from consuming a collagen drink 

Untouched photo. 4 weeks after drinking 1 serving Triple K Collagen Drink Powder, 2x day. Results will vary.

The combination of skin care benefits within a collagen powder drink makes it a real winner among adults hoping to look younger and young adults hoping to keep their youth! However, the youthful benefits of drinking collagen go far deeper than simply drinking collagen for skin beauty.


Youthful Benefits of Drinking Collagen


Collagen drinks benefits many people addressing many concerns.   The most obvious benefit of drinking collagen protein is  the youthful restoration to your skin and face.   However, the main benefits go much deeper — and can impact much more than the appearance of your skin, including the things listed below.

Drinking Collagen for Hair Growth

Since collagen is a key contributor when it comes to promoting hair health and growth, it makes sense that consuming drinks with collagen will help your hair grow lusher, longer, and stronger. More importantly, it greatly reduces the breakage of hair that leaves stray strands of hair going off in their own directions. The Journal of Investigational Dermatology reports that “could be a potential therapeutic target for hair loss and other skin-related diseases.”


Reduction of Joint Pain and Deterioration 

Another reason why drinking collagen protein drinks is associated with fountain of youth qualities is that it makes you feel younger. One way it does this is by replacing the lost collagen that cushions the area between our joints leading to less pain when walking, standing, and moving in general allowing you to feel like you’ve lost ten years of aging.

At last, there’s research to back this up. In fact, a 24-week study revealed that using a collagen drink as a nutritional supplement substantially improved joint pain among study participants who consumed the collagen drink compared to those who consumed the placebo. The journal Current Medical Research Opinion also concludes that a growing body of evidence is providing a justification and rationale for collagen hydrolysate use for patients with osteoarthritis.


Collagen Drinks for Skin

 Last, but certainly not least are the benefits of drinking collagen for skin

And you have the proof that collagen drinks work via the collagen drinks, made with collagen powder,  from the collagen drink before and after pictures.  Which were taken by a professional photographer, you have seen sprinkled throughout this article.

Of course, men and women who are seeking the fountain of youth in a bottle will appreciate the fact that drinking collagen beauty drinks can bring about significant improvements in skin elasticity. With several studies supporting the claim. More significantly for some, though, is the fact that the results are long-lasting. Even after you stop drinking collagen, your skin will enjoy its benefits.

Before you decide to run out and drink your fill of collagen, it is important to understand that not all collagen in drinks is created equal. There are different grades and qualities. And as collagen is a protein, you must make sure you are getting your collagen from animal protein vs plant protein.

When choosing drinks labeled as collagen, you’ll want to ensure the collagen in the drinks is derived from fish, bovine or porcine and are hormone free and non-GMO. Look for collagen which is traceable back to the source. As we have said, not all qualities nor providers of collagen are equal. Some cut corners. Having these prerequisites as a guideline in choosing your collagen will help you get the most out of your collagen drink. Not only for collagen production but also for healthy connective tissues, as collagen is required for things like your skin, ligaments, and tendons.

This means that drinking collagen derived from grass fed, hormone free, non-GMO, Kosher collagen will be more beneficial in:

Promoting supple, youthful skin. • Contributing to healthier looking hair. • Supporting stronger nails. • Keeping bones strong. • Providing support for joints. • Aiding in muscle recovery.

The one I recommend is the one I formulated for myself:  TripleK Collagen Protein Drink Mix.   

Summary: Are Collagen Drinks Your Path to Beautiful Skin?



Some people thrive on collagen drinks singing their praises to all who will listen.

While it might not turn back the clock 20-30 years, it can certainly help you look as though you’ve peeled a few years back from your face and may help you feel as though you have as well.

How much good can collagen drinks offer?

Lots: firmer, tighter, plumper, younger looking skin. The best way to tell how well drinking these supplements will work for you is to try collagen drinks for yourself.

It’s easy to naturally incorporate collagen into your everyday beverages. Whether you drink coffee, water, almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk, you can mix powered collagen into those beverages and enjoy. You can even add collagen powder to hot water, then add organic cream to provide a decadent treat. One of the best ways to benefit from collagen drinks is to begin your day with one. Studies reveal that protein helps fill you up, so it is a great way to kick-start your metabolism in the morning and keep you feeling full through lunch. Now, as tempting as it might be to read up on what everyone else is saying about collagen supplements in liquid form, you’ll only know how effectively it works with your skin when you try it for yourself.

The big question, though, is if you haven’t heard of or started on collagen protein, WHY NOT?

Truthfully speaking, drinking collagen is mainstream in Asia. The trend has caught on big in Europe, and is becoming widespread phenomenon here in the U.S. As more people hear about the skin-boosting benefits collagen drinks deliver, in addition to its joint and hair benefits, more people will begin to try it for themselves.  It's never to late to start.  You can be one of the first in your circle of friends to enjoy the youthful, beautiful skin collagen drinks can deliver leaving all your friends to wonder what your secret is.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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